MassMailer Docs is the best way to store and mass email your Salesforce files to contacts or leads

Attach files to Salesforce objects and mass email them as file attachments to your contacts or leads in one go.

" This application worked exactly as described. The support I received was excellent. We can now distribute software to our customers using MassMailer Docs in a secure and controlled manner. A very happy customer."
Larry McMahon, Plexxi

"As opposed to other apps like this where the interface and learning curve are clunky, MassMailer Docs provides a streamlined way to attach local or networked, small or large, files in to SFDC. "
Peter Mazoff, AdvanceIT


Organize your files how YOU want

Create folders, file types, hierarchies, file versions, content tags, and more. Organize your files by whatever categorization you decide and quickly find your files with the built in search feature.

Freedom from FTP servers

In-house, hosted cloud FTP servers come with extra costs and admin headaches that you don't need. Store your business files securely in MassMailer Docs, No more IT & administration costs, no more headache, and no more FTP Servers.

Public or Private Files

When you need to share files with your customers, partners, or non-salesforce users, then use public file type feature and share public files via a URL; or just keep them private for internal use via Salesforce.

Move or copy files

You can easily move or copy files between folders or Salesforce objects.

Attach files to Salesforce objects

Do you need to attach files to standard or custom Salesforce objects? Or display a file on a custom visualforce page? You can do it with MassMailer Docs!

Mass Email files as attachments to leads, contacts, or users

You can select the standard email template and also leverage merge fields. You can track Click, Open, Email Opt Out, Unsubscribe, SpamReport etc. You can capture the aggregate mass email statistics.

Create Temporary URLs for files

Do you need to give access to a certain file only for a brief time - Say an hour, a day, a month, or a year. With MassMailer Docs you can create a temporary, time-sensitive URL for any file and share it.

Upload files to Salesforce from a web form

With Web2Drop you can upload files to MassMailer Docs directly from a web form. Have applicants upload resumes directly to MassMailer Docs, or have vendors upload proposals, the use cases are as endless as your creativity.

MassMailer Docs access to Community Portal Users

Do you want to deliver files to your customers and partners via community portal? Do you want your customers to access documents and upload them via community portal ? Not a problem with MassMailer Docs!

File storage at a fraction of the cost

Salesforce's native storage costs $5 per GB, that's 50 times what it costs with MassMailer Docs. Store an unlimited amount of files at only 10 cents per Gigabyte.

Eliminate file size limitations.

Aren't limitations annoying? With MassMailer Docs you can store any size file. Yes, truly unlimited file size - 100GB, 200GB, or more? Yes, MassMailer Docs can handle it


    How many MassMailer DOCs Licences you will need for Salesforce CRM users?

  • $9.99 /user/month
    (10% discount with annual billing)

    How many MassMailer DOCs Licences you will need for Salesforce Community users?

  • For

    $4.99 /user/month

  • For

    $3.99 /user/month

  • For

    $2.99 /user/month

    How much File Storage you will need?

  • File storage cost $1 /gb/month and Bandwidth cost $1 /gb

  ( Supports Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance editions, Salesforce Communities, Platform edition )

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